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 Wednesday July 22nd 2015 Tim Candler9


     The death of Albert Cromby came as a bit of a surprise to your writer of pulp. He wasn't a particularly pleasant person. A number of suggestions from a most unreliable source that he wasn't right up there with the Angelic Host. Nor was our hero that fond of him. He was tightfisted employer, he didn't like children, not fond of pepper in his mushroom omelet and he had a long drawn out breakfast routine.

     But perhaps more important is the question, "Did Albert Cromby have to die?" There'll naturally be an inquest, your writer of pulp will wear his best shoes, try to sound erudite, he might even seek legal council. And there's always a chance of a guilty verdict because we writers of pulp can't just go round bumping people off because we don't like something they said.


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