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 Thursday July 23rd 2015 Tim Candler9


     I do vaguely remember when I could read without glasses. And I do vaguely remember when I could write a list that was legible. One of the more enduring constants in the pattern of my life is a failure to grasp the semi-colon and an inability to spell. Oddly I always thought wearing glasses, competence around spelling and semi-colons, and legible list writing went hand in glove. How very wrong I was.

     Just goes to show a person should never be fooled by appearances, his or anyone else's. A difficult concept for your correspondent to grasp. His ability to leap to conclusions and hold fast to them as though clinging to a cliff by his finger nails would put him right up there with at least a silver medal should leaping to conclusions ever become an Olympic event. And it's most certainly time for The Rabbit of Usk to stop using phrases like "Cat amongst the ponies."


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