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 Friday July 24th 2015 Tim Candler9


     Occultation is when one object hides another object. Planets in the solar system can sometimes occult other planets. Sometimes also in negotiation between states and corporations it might well seem that much is hidden, the reason given is usually associated with something like Proprietary Information, or National Security. Never been certain of the difference, which is why occultation works for me. The Occultation on the other hand is a religious concept that dominates the belief of a Twelver Shia. The Twelfth Imam, a man called al-Mahdi, rather than appoint or produce a successor went into occultation sometime in the year 873.

     One day, the story goes, al-Mahdi or the Hidden One will return to fill the world with peace and justice. He's just waiting for the right moment, I guess. Some say that the Hidden One is advising the upper echelons of today's Persia. And currently in today's Persia it's a bigger sin to criticize the state or dress inappropriately than it is to misappropriate state funds. When Xerxes and Darius were Kings of Persia, a Royal Decree couldn't be annulled, and the reason for this two and half thousand years ago was because the King was always Perfect. They didn't mess around with why The King was perfect, he just was.


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