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 Sunday July 26th 2015 Tim Candler9


     Not certain why Darius the first and Xerxes the first   have figured larger and larger in your correspondent's attempts to grasp the nature of being, but I suspect it has something to do with the hotel and catering industry. I think it was Darius who had a special thing for horses. His own horse, as I understand it, pretty much had a palace to live in. The story goes that following an argument amongst the well connected as to whether Persia should be a Republic, an oligarchy or a Monarchy, the idea of a Monarchy won. The problem, who would be king?

     The six contenders chose to hold a contest. They agreed to gather at sunrise on their horses and the rider of the first horse to neigh would become king. Darius cheated. In the early hours Darius' slave rubbed his hands on the genitals of a mare Darius' horse had a special interest in. And as the contenders waited for the first horse to neigh Darius' slave patted the nose of Darius' horse. The scent on the slave's hand sent Darius' horse to neighing, and soon after that the Monarchy of Persia thought it might be rewarding to invade Greece. Worth mentioning that one of the themes in The Rabbit of Usk, is the propensity of the wealthy to invade other countries in their constant search for obedient help.


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