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 Wednesday July 29th 2015 Tim Candler9


     The Atlas Maior on the desk here has a neat map of The Ottoman territories as they were toward the end of the Seventeenth Century. Further east the atlas' understanding of the land between the Indus and the Ganges is very different to the more modern understandings. The Great City of Karachi might have been called Diul, but difficult to tell, the two maps in the atlas of the Indus Valley are at odds with each other.

     The map on the cover of A Windral is from a world map of 1910. In that year there was an Albanian revolt against the Ottoman rule, the Vatican insisted that ordained priests take an oath against Modernism. Halley's Comet made an appearance, and unlike the Halley's comet of 1066 which was recorded in Bayeux Tapestry, or the comet's appearance in September of 164 BC which was recorded on cuneiform tablets, the 1910 appearance was photographed. Either way and despite the existence of more interesting things there is slow cruel work being done to edit A Windral.


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