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 Thursday July 2nd 2015 Tim Candler9


     "I shall always know you by the fearsome sharpness of your sword." The Greek Anthem composed in the 1820's and adopted as the Greek National Anthem following their independence from the Ottoman. It's also been called The Hymn to Liberty. It's been performed at the close of the Modern Olympic Games since the 1890's. And the question might be, why mention this?

     Your correspondent has been trying to understand The Greek Credit Crisis, and this Sunday's Greek referendum on whether Greece should accept the conditions placed upon the Greeks by the banks. And though the Hellenes are far away, and though I've no idea what Liberty might actually be, I'm inclined toward the idea that the banks are the Modern Ancient Persians. Darius and Xerxes. But there'll be no Salamis, I'm guessing.


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