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 Thursday July 30th 2015 Tim Candler9


     The conundrum of Book Five and Book Six is primarily a problem of what the professionals might call "advanced planning." Consequently your writer of pulp has been existentially challenged since about April of this year. "Off the Rails" if you prefer, and it's not a nice feeling. One of the things to keep in mind is in emulating the Great Minds the number Ten is central to your writer of pulp's sense of balance.

     There are Ten Commandments, Hegel attempted Ten books, so did Kant, and generally speaking the Number Ten is a signature of clear thinking. Start gossiping about Eleven, and it all starts to look like ill-considered chaos. One solution could be to co-mingle Book Five with Book Six. I could conceptualize it as Book Five and a Half, think of it as a Beatitude, shove it into the perfection and simplicity of The Rabbit of Usk, keep Book Five and Half down to 150 pages by using a tiny script. then perhaps I'd get a good night's sleep.


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