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 Saturday July 4th 2015 Tim Candler9


     Big Day today. A marshalling of the Patriotic Spirit. A beating of the drum. Oaths of Allegiance. Parades. Marching Bands. And Fireworks. Security provided by an increasingly paramilitary police force. During the first five months of this year, of the three hundred million people, 385 have been killed by police. That's like two and a half people a day. Pretty much anything written or said through the telephone is subject to bulk collection by a plethora of agencies, combed through by mechanical devices for a series of keywords that may or may not be spelled correctly.

     The Committee of the Ruling Class comprises nine tenured Supreme Court Justices, one elected President, an elected Legislative Body. The powers of each defined by a Written Constitution that can be amended. Around one percent of the US population is in prison. If your skin is black you're six time more likely to go jail than if your skin is white. A Perfect Union, not yet, but speech is still free, they don't chop your arm off for stealing, or stone you for disobeying a dress code, or burn you alive for being an enemy pilot, or chop your head off for being an apostate and girls are allowed to watch boys playing soccer, which is nice.


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