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 Monday July 6th 2015 Tim Candler9


     To put it bluntly the languages of The Windral suck. There is Urdu, there are three or four words of Arabic, there is French, there is Turkish, there's a lot of German, there is the language of The Sabeans, there is a little Hebrew, there might be a little Yiddish which can sound a little like German but isn't, there is the Language of Maréchal's Crew and there is the beginning's of Lettish. And really it's best not to enter the Lettish Argument between your writer of pulp and our hero until book six.


     Indeed, safe to say, that in the run of imagination some kind of computer generated and preordained structure around which to arrange things would make life for any writer of pulp considerably easier. In the list of "Don'ts" odds are a multiplicity of languages would be right up there at number one or two. Then there is the problem of translating languages, an issue for The Rabbit whose own masterpiece was written in what he reckoned was an unstable English, its meanings subject to being lost over time. And the thing about language, it's not mathematics. Sometimes two and two makes three.


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