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 Thursday July 9th 2015 Tim Candler9


     The Windral is a struggling a little against Beans, Chard, Summer Squash and Compost. And I'll tell you this much, there's a reason why people grow the Running Bean. My own problems with the Running Bean, I begin to realize, has more to do with an objection to a hedge in the garden than anything remotely reasonable. And at the same time, the Tomato are pretty much of a hedge and what exactly Summer Squash do, who knows!


     This year we rather grandly planted what we refer to as an Italian Summer Squash. It's green, its ribbed and mottled white, it grows into a barrage balloon over night, and it really should be assigned the label Invasive Species. The Artist has introduced Italian Summer Squash to a number of novel ideas, and there's a herd of them waiting further attention. My own contribution, which I thought successful was to dredge them in oil, smother them in salt and pepper, and grill them to that point where they almost catch fire.


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