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 Wednesday June 10th 2015 Tim Candler9


     100 degrees of Fahrenheit when humidity is 18% permits the body to sweat and cool itself. When humidity levels rise to 80% it's not so easy for a body to cool itself. A body temperature of 104 Fahrenheit brought on by physical work brings on sickness. The mind becomes agitated, its speech slurred, it starts to see things that can look wonderful, develops a foul mood and it can just decide to quit. And there's always a headache in the process of recovery which is sort of typical of the mind.

     Our hero in the course of his days has struggled with the sickness of heat. The project was a concrete job down near the sea, no breeze, the glare of sand and rock, and it was something like August in the northern hemisphere. A point comes when a mind understands resignation, it just says OK, it calms down, it looks at itself and while it doesn't actually laugh it does say goodbye. And there's a kind of calm. It's an experience that can be reproduced, not by laboring in heat that would be too cruel, but with an LSD pill. And as I understand it, the professionals are toying with LSD as a gift of experience so that the terminally ill might better understand dying. The ancient warriors used to dance until they collapsed to better meet their foes. An out of body experience its been called.


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