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 Tuesday June 16th 2015 Tim Candler9


     The Windral will dive from the high board soon. A tale of aimless wandering. Fewer 'ands' I hope and no colons yet. The one argument is that we decide our future, the other argument is that we are stuck in a mathematics and no one actually decides anything, the wheel turns the external dictates. Your correspondent had this argument years ago. His protagonist well rounded and bound for some kind of a profession, hands on the reins of his monster, grit in his satisfied eye.

     The Fates, blind angels snipping at the strings of puppets, still sums it up for our hero. It's more like the weather, a vastness that moves, a butterfly lands on the bloom of a Lotus and it rains in Kansas. The idea of individuals is as much a religious or political doctrine as it is anything set in concrete. The choice, you could call it, is an accident of birth as much as anything else. And that still means clans, rather than nations or passports. The protagonist disagreed.


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