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 Wednesday June 17th 2015 Tim Candler9


     Your correspondent will be gone for a bit. Is he looking forward to it? An excellent question. More likely though it's the comradeship of shared effort, a goal, and an achievement at an end point. A straight line that's not infinite. Creative is. No circle. In another way we're not talking cocktail party or drinkies at the beach or other fluids of purposelessness, as the author of Earthly Voyage might have put it.

     It's a chance to explore Komerad Dirge. To hell with the blessing, sorry Delores and everything's gone again. It's also possible and very much simpler to think of it in terms of gainful employment. The better question, however, is the relationship between Komerad Dirge and the dollar bill. So many of us have opted for the latter and to hell with the blessings, sorry Komerad Dirge. Obscure! Damn right, there'll be shovels.


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