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 Monday June 1st 2015 Tim Candler9


     Some people can identify the smell of fear, some people can't. Yet whether or not a person can identify the smell of fear or not the scent produced by a frightened person excites areas of the brain that have to do with empathy. And too, some people are more empathetic than others. A legacy in our being from our more swamp like days. An OMG or an LOL perhaps. And if you don't believe me consider Puppies, Kittens, and Little Girls that exude Cute Factor and excite the Cute Factor area of the brain.

     The more cynical person, the less empathetic perhaps, those who may not be blessed with Cute Factor Receptors, or in whom the Cute Factor Receptor may have atrophied, or been led astray by things like train sets and the autism of shovels, are less likely to participate in Social Media unless by doing so they are able to excite those areas of the brain that get all exited around what I'll call "Aren't I wonderful!" Or AIW. Which is the kind of Cute Factor that's gone all grown up and balding, just inches this side of what the professionals call IF or Ick Factor. In the end the question to ask is "What the hell is social media?" Beginning to think it's more like a Slime Mold. Oddly I've always had a certain empathy for Slime Molds.


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