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 Wednesday June 24th 2015 Tim Candler9


     Have to think Ache-ache is a difficult name to read. But by adding the accent to the e, the name Aché-aché touches the mind as something that might not be "ache" repeated twice. And there's a whole thing with Aché-aché as a title. Then there's the issue of the words Lettish and Letlander, they're so perfect for our hero but they're words for the language and country of Latvia. Yes indeed the complexities are endless.

     More interesting is our hero's experience of the hotel and catering industry, or Chapter Seventeen or The Windral Part Two or Repressed Memory. Any one of which might be an excellent title. As well, a writer of pulp can't just pretend these things will sort themselves out, experience has shown that the longer a mind looks at something the more accustomed it becomes to discomfort. How about Aché-aché and as title The Letlander. Makes sense to me at the moment.


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