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 Friday June 26th 2015 Tim Candler9


     The Sufi Poets and Saints where kind of there before Islam and they're still there. Third, fourth, fifth century BC. Their songs are more inward, in my view, exploring the phenomena of their mind and seeing within its many corridors the idea of a root. A Bergson Creative, a kind of Creative Is, a flow that is and does not go away.  For many the root is made to face the world as a political tool. For the Sufi Poet the root is turned inward, so as to make the world as it is comprehensible.

     No reason to suppose that the root, or the idea of it, hasn't been with our species for a very very long time. And for the truly eccentric, no reason to suppose that the root has an existence in everything that is, or everything that ever has been. When asked what he thought life was, Bertrand Russell suggested it was a "Special sort of matter." And for my part, like the Sufi Poets, the question for our species is not whether or not we'll land upon Mars, but if we'll ever know why we landed upon Mars.


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