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 Tuesday June 2nd 2015 Tim Candler9


     There's a trip to town day, and we all know what that means! Last time your correspondent went to town he returned with that intensity of ennui that can rarely be observed outside of a community of Shellfish. A deep sense of disappointment, and yet with the strong arm of a true hero he was determined to readjust his attitude. A Golden City on the Hill, he decided, and not just an opportunity for those sufficiently engaged by the minimum wage to utter the words "Have a Nice Day" and mean it while flogging cheap ass plastic hose fittings and other fairly pointless nick-nacks to the "Please Sir Can I have More Crowd."

     Alternatively, today might not be the day to actually go to town, I have a sort of sense that your correspondent as a Golden City on the Hill Athlete might not be ready for his marathon, he's not been doing his exercises, his ability to enter the dream state lacks endurance, he too easily gets into arguments with fictional characters, there's been a lot of pacing about, some very long winded and probably totally unreasonable arguments, and he's still persuaded that the seven traffic lights between his domicile and the Post Office have been tampered with by the Baptists to always be red when he goes anywhere near them.


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