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 Thursday June 4th 2015 Tim Candler9


     The tapestry of Little Rabbit and Chipmunk cries out for a predator. Little Rabbits are kind of adorable, they love the shoots of tender things. And there is no greater joy than watching Chipmunk gather produce for his winter hoard. He has several of them, a major hoard and number of minor hoards, and there's probably a whole row of beans in on or other of them. Just the sweetest little fellow and friendly as he waits for his peanut.

     One alternative would be some sort of Wise Owl, I'd call him Harold, and then a person thinks about the question of how to get along with others. It would be a sad thing indeed if in the great design there is no actual plan to get along with others, no possibility of it, more like a series of chess moves. When the space is gone it's gone. Winner take all, which would be a great emptiness with nothing in it much more than a mirror so that the victor might see himself. Entropy he could call himself.


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