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 Sunday June 7th 2015 Tim Candler9


     With all do respect to the Public Broadcasting Service and their magical world your correspondent has chosen to begin his statement with the word So. In short, So what have we learned? And the answer is Well! we've learned a whole bunch of stuff! And very little of it's for these pages. There might however be a wider issue relating to the damage being done to the English Language by Social Media and children's entertainments, or the feed stock of our Corporate world where the mindless are encouraged in exchange for their two weeks in Cancun. Orwell will be smirking in his grave, pretty damned certain Shakespeare will be wearing a kilt and trying to learn Welsh or Arabic and Qi is the word which may well come into play as your correspondent recovers his wits, his senses, and his balance.

     So! I'll never again be able to define the words, cute, precious, adorable without stumbling into the dark world of Bunny Bunny Foo Foo and his unfortunate yet very understandable habit of bopping fellow creatures on the head despite endless warnings from a Good Fairy whose concept of shock and awe is frankly pathetic. Safe to say your correspondent will call his new understanding of social media progress. So! before he does anything else, such as a list of new definitions for cute, precious or adorable, your correspondent must enquire after a poster of Caillou, or Pebble, so that he might be burned in effigy while Caillou's nagging narrator is subjected to mind altering substances before being fed to wolves. In a Village, turn about is fair play I believe.


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