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 Tuesday June 9th 2015 Tim Candler9


     Brown Thrashers have nested. Three little Thrashers in the Laurel. And not so far away a Yellow Chat sings at night. A general rule for night singing is to try not to listen, and when that fails a person has to think in terms of "He might find a mate soon." With night singing birds it's not so hard, but the night singing Tree Frog is a whole different game.

     It was kind of nice at first. A chance to say "that's a lonely Tree Frog!" Then he found his way into the Vegetable Garden water barrel, and he thought it just fantastic. His song resonated around the barrel, and as the water level was reduced following due diligence of the Gardener, that song resonated louder and louder. Tree Frogs from Central Time heard it, and there's a whole night singing Tree Frog Jamboree type thing happening.


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