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 Thursday March 12th 2015 Tim Candler9


    The big news from this very small part of the world is all about Mathurin. Not only has Mathurin been given the title Mathurin, which in and of itself is very big news, but he has now found his way downstairs and is with The Editor. And it's a tense sort of excitement for your writer of pulp whose spelling falls into the category The Grauniad. A Manchester newspaper the more proficient speller will refer to as The Guardian.

     Mathurin's cousin who went by the name Derailment, if anyone likes to remember, when launched into the ether had a few spelling mistakes. The one I really enjoyed was "At his fist sighting of sheep." And with many thanks to the Friend Who Lives Too Far Away, "Fist Sightings of sheep" interesting though they might sound, will soon no longer be a part of Book Three of The Rabbit of Usk. However, a "Fist Sighting of Sheep" does seem to demand a definition all to itself. Several chapters, possibly in Book Ten.


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