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 Friday March 13th 2015 Tim Candler9


    A little bit of an impasse. Our hero is behaving himself in The Windral, but he's not happy about it. As a writer of pulp I have suggested that an accuracy of the narrative might not be absolutely necessary, but an heroic hero as opposed to an ordinary common or garden hero doesn't just gloss stuff over. He stands up, he bares his chest. And The Rabbit agreed that our hero's reply "I don't mind being a common or garden hero" just isn't good enough.

     Either way we all know The Rabbit's own accounts of existence are very high gloss indeed. He's always been suspiciously vague about his relationship with Hyder Ali of Mysore. And it would seem that during the First Anglo-Mysore War when The Rabbit was in Hyder Ali's service, Hyder Ali was being courted by the French. The Rabbit may even have got his Mysore Rocket powder from the French. So there's what you might call 'creative differences' going on and it's not very pretty.


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