An English In Kentucky


















 Friday March 20th 2015 Tim Candler9


   Some place names are tricky for a writer of pulp. Gat Thabo, for example, has all sorts of problems. To begin with it doesn't sound very nice, and it looks like a someone might have a lisp, so Gat Thabo is out. To call it the Golden Bay, reflects the meaning of the place name a little bit, but it lacks what we writers of pulp call "Umph." Just sort of sits there like a Mollusk.

     The Timeless Place, is one option, but this too has a sort flatness to it, and our hero when he was there was kind of edgy, so he didn't really think of it as a Timeless Place. There's been some debate around the idea of naming the place after an M3 Half Track called Dotty Doodle, but really it was more about The Long Handled Shovel than the Half Track. So I'm just going to call it Chapter Thirteen for a while.


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