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 Wednesday March 25th 2015 Tim Candler9


   It's pretty much in the ear of the beholder, and to my ear Bernice is an American name. So is Kurt and Eugene, Holly, Morgan, Dean and Ricky. Daphne sounds like an English name to me, as does Diana and Paul. Some names are definitely American, like Katrina. And some names are definitely English names, like Philip. Other names are Sargasso Sea names, like Henry. Of course it's all a matter of opinion, but as we writers of pulp will occasionally exclaim, "Opinion Rules Dude!"

     Then there's the question of why people give their children particular names. Do they wake up in the morning and announce, "We will name our boy child, Howard!" Or is it something truly thought out, with hours of research into the meanings associated with names, family history, long debates, terrible arguments, moments of icy impasse. Well if not I hope so, because that's what we writer's of pulp have to go through whenever our hero meets someone in something like a Grocery Store. Much more of it and our hero's just going to have to live in a cave!


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