An English In Kentucky


















 Sunday March 29th 2015 Tim Candler9


   Kerkyra is the island, Kerkira is the big town on the island. Or alternatively Corfu is the island and Corfu City is the big town on the island. It has the beaches, the umbrellas, the sun tanning  and your writer of pulp can almost guarantee the reader that it has the nighttime pictures of scantily clad people engaged in hedonistic activities around things like cocktails on Face Book. No point boring the reader with details of Sir Henry Knight Storks' life story, except to say that Albert Cromby, the owner of The Garters, may have been related to Sir Henry Knight Storks who was the last British High Commissioner of Corfu a tenure that ended in 1863. A provenance that was a big deal for The Dandelion, or Albert Cromby's much younger and very, very pretty wife Helen Cromby.

     The Rabbit and our hero soon realized that Edward Lear, the Holloway illustrator, musician, author and Poet, youngest of twenty one children and his Albanian chef must at one time or other have spent time at The Garters. The gentleman's rest room was called "Owls" and the lady's room was called "Pussycats." A big silver punchbowl had been given the name "Runcible Spoon." There were frightfully funny limericks embroidered onto napkins that had to be folded like fortune cookies. And a person might think the joke would get old quickly, but with English Expatriate Communities there is no such thing as a joke that gets old. So it was all very easy, well fed work for our hero until The Rabbit found out that Edward Lear had illustrated Tennyson's Poems. Nor did it get any easier when our hero realized that in matters of his infatuation with the Dandelion, pretending to have no knowledge of the English language was a bit of disadvantage.


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