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 Tuesday March 31st 2015 Tim Candler9


    Chapter Seventeen. I know it sounds dull at the moment, but giving the chapter a title hasn't been easy for your writer of pulp. The tentative title is Wine and Cafe which is very far from satisfactory because our hero has particular associations with the word wine and the word cafe. His understanding of wine is most allied to high level snoot factor, whining and wheedling, and around the word cafe our hero has a whole lot of allergic responses which are probably best summarized by the words Starbucks, briefcases and over priced double de-cafe lattes. 

     Yes indeed, our hero is a complex character, he might even be too complex for your writer of pulp, his place on the Christmas tree more like a metaphorical recess in the psychology wards of academia than a bright shining bauble from which tinsel is strung during carol singing season. One possible solution to Chapter Seventeen is to give it the title The Garters which is the name of the establishment currently employing our hero. For my part I think The Garters might work as a title because I'm pretty sure that a substantial proportion of the world will share our hero's poor reaction to The Garters as the name for any kind of place that offers food and lodging.


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