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 Tuesday March 3rd 2015 Tim Candler9


    I distinctly remember addressing last September with a long diatribe about the importance of good attitude and how determined I was to do my bit in the positive attitude department, and I've got notes on deep breathing exercises and cheerful whistling tunes somewhere to prove it. I considered positive thinking a civic duty on my part, kind of like a winter driving license, a wave to fellow road users, a "toodle-peg, chip-chip-chip" kind of thing.

    When next September arrives, as it probably will, and if I'm still alive, there'll be none of this positive attitude nonsense. It just doesn't work, it's irresponsible, it's anti-social and beyond combining somehow in the ether then reacting with some sort of community of Arctic Gnomes who rub their hands together and say "we've got another one" it has other appalling and gruesome outcomes so numerous I wouldn't even attempt to list them until sometime in June.


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