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 Wednesday March 4th 2015 Tim Candler9


    The Bull at Streatley figures in both Jerome K Jerome's Three Men in a Boat, and in your writer of pulps own The Windral. Interestingly, Jerome K Jerome was of Hungarian parents exiled to the English Island following political turmoil. His father had changed his name from Jerome Clapp, to Jerome Clapp Jerome to better suit the English Climate. Jerome K Jerome was his youngest son.

    Jerome Clapp Jerome fell foul of his investments, and his youngest son Jerome Klapka Jerome had to work for a living. His first job was with the London and North Western Railway, picking coal that fell along the lines from the steam trains. The company saw value in the occupation, it was their coal and not for general use by those who couldn't afford to buy their own coal. Jerome K Jerome died in June of 1927. In the First World War he was 56, he was turned down as too old for the British Army so he drove an Ambulance for The French Army


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