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 Monday May 11th 2015 Tim Candler9


    A good chance the Gardener has been over-watering. Not the first time it's happened, kind of like a definition of madness, it happens with a sad regularity. And there's a good chance that not all Red Norland will achieve fruiting body because there's a good chance the Gardener planted far too early following a winter cold that reached deeper into the earth than anticipated.

      There are probably seven or eight Toads in the Vegetable Garden. In people terms they are maybe twenty year olds. Not venerable Toads, a difficult status for Vegetable Garden Toads to aspire to given the constant hacking around in cold soil by Gardeners. The one young Toad has a front left paw missing. He has the name Stumpy. And funny how much more venerable Stumpy would sound in German, Stumpfartig.


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