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 Tuesday May 12th 2015 Tim Candler9


    It does seem almost unbelievable that the petroleum industry receives government subsidies. And at the same time it makes perfect sense once government is understood for what it is. A bunch of guys and gals doing whatever they have to do in order to get ahead, earn a couple of dollars, spend their two weeks vacation in Cancun, then shuffle painfully off the mortal coil, often to loud applause. Such a pity the political class doesn't come right out and admit it, rather than dressing up, crocodile tears, and pretending to be Saints.

      The Rabbit of Usk in one of his lives, claims to have been a Saint. As with all things there's considerable dispute. Our hero who knows The Rabbit pretty well is very doubtful around The Rabbit's memory of his life as a Saint and your writer of pulp is getting all excited at he prospect of describing the Vestry of Monnow. He again saw the inquest room in his dreams last night, and one of the problems was a Running of Trout in the River Monnow, which kind of distracted the Devil's Advocate, who was a big fisherman.


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