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 Wednesday May 13th 2015 Tim Candler9


    The Society of Saint Timothy is a little known and sometimes secretive group of dedicated men and women whose unique interest is the reenactment and study of the salient moments in the Life of Saint Timothy. Not an easy subject, there's often controversy, and of these controversies the route Saint Timothy took during his Escape From the Usk Valley has really been turned upside down by Google Earth's Street View. In a recent correspondence with The Society, it would seem that a third possible alternative route has been discerned.

      And while your writer of pulp does attempt to maintain an opinion of his own, bitter experience has suggested that a person should never permit themselves to become too involved in The Society of Saint Timothy by doing something stupid like pointing out that the Google Earth Street View has no record of what things looked like in the Eighth Century AD. They are fine men and women but they do have a certain medieval attitude toward disagreement. All the same fingers crossed for The Society's annual reenactment of that historic moment in 738, when The Rabbit of Usk escaped the Witch of Ithaca.


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