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 Thursday May 14th 2015 Tim Candler9


    Your correspondent is stove-topped following roofing activities. It's kind of like being run over by a steam roller without the squish factor. And one thing about roofing activity is that a person has to wait until it rains to find out that he or she has failed miserably to resolve the problem. The other thing is that rain water has a doctorate in psychological torture. The obvious repair is never the correct one and most roofers end their time on earth locked in rubber rooms.

      Nor is your correspondent that happy with heights, so when up on a roof there's a level of tension that can sometimes be relieved by vocalizing. The purists might dismiss the relaxation technique as something like tantrum swearing. Oddly when roofing, your correspondent reverts to the languages of continental Europe. And trust me the German Consonant Shift is a blessing to the roofer. When moved to passion he can make something like Good Morning sound like a cause for excommunication.


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