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 Friday May 15th 2015 Tim Candler9


    The Society of Saint Timothy's reenactment of the Saint's "Parting of the Fog" miracle was relatively peaceful. Far be it from me to suggest that home rolling tobacco might not have been around in the Eighth Century and that more likely the ale would have been made from something like Dandelion rather than Hops, but as I understand it the modern micro brewery's notion of authentic Eighth Century beer does apparently include the Hop and sugar. And I guess picking away at these silly details is contrary to the Spirit of the Occasion.

      More interesting perhaps is the Society's Google Earth view of Saint Timothy's route out of the Usk Valley. Some years ago, your writer of pulp was a great deal more familiar with the area. Many happy rain soaked days trudging around in the footsteps of the Saint. These days the memory has faded a little, and I'll tell you this much, the Google Earth route makes no sense whatsoever. And I think my point is sitting around a computer screen drinking home brewed beer and smoking cigarettes might not be in the Spirit of a Reenactment.


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