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 Saturday May 16th 2015 Tim Candler9


    Saint Timothy's five miracles, possibly six, are all just a little bit suspicious. Two of the Saint's early miracles, his "Speaking in Tongues" and his "Causing there to be a Ball of Fire" were witnessed by the author of Earthly Voyage, Abdul bin Abdul. And while there is much controversy surrounding Earthly Voyage and specifically the name of the book's author, Servant son of Servant as it might translate, the Saint's "Speaking in Tongues" miracle and his "Causing there to be a Ball of Fire" miracle where dismissed by the Vestry of Monnow primarily because Abdul was not of the Christian Faith. He was a Pythagorean Cultist during the Umayyad Caliphate and he was sentenced to death as an apostate by a court in Alexandria, which is the big town in the north part of Egypt, and has been for some time.

      Years ago, The Society of Saint Timothy, took it upon themselves to explore the Saint's early miracles. And it was during this exploration by The Society that our hero through no choice of his own first had contact with them. Indeed there's a great many people who will say that we as individuals cause our own individual destiny. "It's your fault, no one else's" in other words. It's a cruel legacy of the Protestant Reformation. Poor Luther, if he'd better understood the wealthy he'd have removed the Purchase of Indulgences from his list of complaints against the Roman Church. All the same, in the interest of narrative, or the sole means of comprehension, better to wait before leaping off the cliff and coming up with some theory or other about how Saint Timothy might have "Caused there to be a Ball of Fire." The Society's exploration of the Saint's "Speaking in Tongues" miracle was equally disastrous. Those were of course happy days for our hero.


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