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 Sunday May 17th 2015 Tim Candler9


    It's been good for Strawberry. The new bed is a little more isolated, stuck out there and I'd like to think scary territory for Chipmunk, he'd have to cross open ground to reach it, or maybe he's so passionate for Maple wings he just hasn't discovered it yet. No Mockingbird, a great boon for the Strawberry. The Thrasher far too gloating a creature to mess with ground bearing fruit, he's waiting for Raspberry and Cherry. There are Sparrow, who have the little beaks, and though I'm no expert in beak mark identification, a great big gash in a Strawberry doesn't look like the work of a small beak owner. However, the Yellow Chat and the Summer Tanager might not be so pure in the area of pecking at ripe Strawberry.

      I used to think that insect eating birds ate insects, and seed eating birds ate seeds. And probably the better understanding is to put the word prefers somewhere. So I do have a degree of confidence in saying that Yellow Chats prefer insects, and always possible the Yellow Chat was just minding his own business, doing his bit by looking for insects in the Strawberry bed, and made a terrible mistake. A Summer Tanager is also an insect eater that specializes in things like Bee and Wasp eating, so no wonder he has moments of insecurity with respect his life choices and could get confused. All the same someone has been pecking Strawberry, both Yellow Chat and Tanager are currently suspects. They both spend an unnatural amount of time around the Strawberry bed, and they've both developed a "Who Me" attitude which doesn't fool anyone. But no actual berry in beak evidence yet.


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