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 Monday May 18th 2015 Tim Candler9


    A penalty of warm rain is the aggression it produces in the community of Fungi. Sootiness, fluff and exploding Tomato, as the less encyclopedic refer to the offspring of spore that chose to claim territory in a Vegetable Garden. And too, Hoppy Bug is rampant. They seem to be much bigger this season, and the suspicion is that some kind of an Arctic Hoppy Bug might have drifted this way, leaping from snowflake to snowflake through the course of this past horrible winter.

      Our own Hoppy Bug are glossy and they have this passion for Eggplant and Potato, they don't like Radish and they relish the aromas of Catnip. However, not all Hoppy Bug tribes are the same. Indeed, some tribes of Hoppy Bug have a fondness for certain plants that come under the ill defined category of Weed, which strangely can include Dandelion and Good King Henry, both of which I agree can be a tad dominating, yet both of which were once harvested by the more ancient Gardeners. And I'm told there's a most resilient tribe of Hoppy Bug that has a fondness for a "Leafy Spurge" which is a plant that's become a bane to cow growing agricultural interests, it has to be stamped out and the Leafy Spurge Hoppy Bug has been called upon, in yet one more desperate attempt to maintain the original meaning of the word "Organic."


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