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 Thursday May 21st 2015 Tim Candler9


    There's really far too much going on in the world for one person to get any kind of a grip on it. The single theory, the unifying theory, would see it all through a distorting lens. And good luck to them. My own unifying theory is essentially the Grocery Store and it's parking area and quite near to the Grocery Store is the Giant Hardware store. Oddly you can get light bulbs in both places, but you can't get toothpaste in both places.

     An alternative unifying theory is the comment sections of those newspapers that achieve a flash of existence in the ether and are accessed through a computer screen.  And while both areas of contemplation might appear less than useful, they are the current iteration of life as it is lived by the sons and daughters of the Industrial Revolution. And I still say we're more about shiny objects, crowns and jewelry than we are about very much else. Clearly I need a new lens.


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