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 Sunday May 24th 2015 Tim Candler9


   Never liked Mickey Mouse. He was OK as a character when he didn't dominate the story. When he swatted several flies and then had to go on to boast about it, and ended up with the hand of a princess who oddly enough seemed to share Mickey's peculiar mental and physical characteristics. Those were the good days for Mickey Mouse, in my view. The fee-fi-fo-fum days, when a decent cartoon character chewed tobacco and wasn't afraid to go ice fishing.

     Who knows what must have happened to Mickey since then. He's now a pontificating figure. He's got a passport, he's got some kind of mobile device, he travels, his Eifel Tower is set within the context of a rural idle, there are no pickpockets, his Egypt comprises a single pyramid, his Italy is all about spaghetti and boating, his China is a wall. For the sake of the future, give me a cigarette smoking Mickey Mouse who has the grace to have a stage tantrum and walk away from the writers who've turned him into an advert for Cancun.


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