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 Monday May 25th 2015 Tim Candler9


   A little bit of a problem counting backwards. Quite why it's important, I've got no clue. I just can't do it. Other's can count backwards, but at least I don't count rocks backwards. Must be something to with the new math. Either that or the imbeciles who devise the utube  or ytube channels for children have lost some kind of touch with realty. Give me MC5 and Love is Like a Rambling Rose.

     It just seems wrong to be asking us two year olds to like things on Facebook. And why isn't there a don't like on Facebook. Not everybody likes things for God's sake. I think we can all agree some four year old must have invented Facebook. And there's the ever present possibility of tic attack. I had one, my younger sibling has yet to have a tic. So I'm feeling pretty special.


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