An English In Kentucky


















 Tuesday May 26th 2015 Tim Candler9


     There is something deeply disturbing about inventing the name of a place. Our hero's "Appleton" sounds so made up we're looking at something that sounds like "Toyland" or "Buddlecombe." And there are other places, a great raft of them which might also get legal minded by the opinion of a writer of pulp. A position our hero dismisses as delusional ranting by pointing out "no one reads your crap so who's going to care."

     But the trouble with somewhere like Slough, which is a real place a little north and west of London, England, is not so much our hero's opinion of Slough, which is fairly positive, rather it's what happened at the Wexham Hospital a little to the north and east of Slough. I thought Rutledge Hospital, our hero vehemently disagrees. Your writer of pulp on the other hand has a problem with calling Eilat, at the north end of the Gulf of Aqaba, "Paul's Doomed Yahweh." Yet it makes perfect sense to our hero. So there's a whole thing happening!!


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