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 Saturday May 2nd 2015 Tim Candler9


    A person would be hard pressed to think of Wheat growers and Rice growers producing distinct cultural differences in societies dependant upon either Wheat or Rice. Rice growing, I'm told, makes people more interdependent. Wheat growing, makes people more independent. And of course in the world of the root vegetable the confluence of people and plants produces a distinct personality that often finds itself allergic to post office car parks and shopping.

    And I guess it's possible that even Wheat growing peoples get a slight thrill when one of several million Wheat seeds sprouts. But being so independent it's probably little more than a sneer when put beside the whoop of joy, the call to the gods, the demands for sacrifice through celebration by ice cream consumption, the leaping up and down that we root growers experience when a Red Norland breaks through to the surface.


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