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 Sunday May 31st 2015 Tim Candler9


     The Rabbit translated Abdul bin Abdul's Earthly Voyage from Artak Mesropian's Armenian. Artak himself had translated Earthly Voyage from the Ancient Greek. And the question of the name of Earthly Voyage's author remains something of a mystery. Abdul bin Abdul, The Rabbit has been led to believe, isn't so much a name like George son of George, as it is the Servant the son of the servant of. And like so many The Rabbit blames all possibility of an error in his own translation on Artak Mesropian's failure to accurately translate Earthly Voyage from the Greek into Armenian. Our hero enjoys The Rabbit's predicament and likes to tease his grandfather.

     The question for your writer of pulp is the extent to which this small detail can capture the imagination of the reader. Frankly I don't think it will. I think there will be yawning and glazing over. But as our hero points out Abdul bin Abdul's original version of Earthly Voyage was introduced to the Vestry of Monnow by Timothy's Promoter of the Cause, a good Saxon of Ostrogoth origin. The Devil's Advocate at Monnow was less scholarly more of a fisherman and he ripped into Earthly Voyage primarily because it had been written by a heathen called Abdul bin Abdul, maybe.  So it's all kind of central to The Rabbit's understanding of himself as a Saint, and it's no wonder our hero enjoys The Rabbit's predicament.


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