An English In Kentucky


















 Monday May 4th 2015 Tim Candler9


    Chapter Seventeen or Number Eleven is slowly reaching some sort of confusing and incomprehensible end point. I could seek professional assistance from a top ten list, but sadly there are no top ten list writers for those writers of pulp wholly engaged by the Sabean Genre. And indeed it might well be worth your writer of pulp's while to enter the field of writing top ten lusts for those few, rare and rather special men and women engaged by the Sabean Genre.

    There will of course have to be a Top Ten Sabean Genre List Committee, some kind of chairperson will have to emerge, Sabeans are not big on the ballot, so most likely there'll be a traditional staring contest, which usually leads to accusations of cheating. It's a complicated process which does go on a bit and usually ends with the drawing of straws. So basically I'm looking at about eighteen months before any kind of professional help is available for Chapter Seventeen.


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