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 Tuesday November 10th 2015.Tim Candler9


      Today is Synapse Day. It recalls the Political Classes who chose to send soldiers to war. They stare at empty tombs, and maybe they reflect. Suspicion is more often it's their hair or their ratings they worry about. The Eleventh of November is the Eleventh of November, and not always does it conveniently fall upon a Sunday. A minute of silence on the Eleventh hour of the Eleventh day of the Eleventh month was a promise made to those who died in the trenches long before most of us were born.


     The question is why remember? There are all kinds of reasons. Veteran's Day Sale, perhaps. A bank holiday. Poppies in the lapel. A chance to strut. But the main reason is to look at the men who led us and remember the soldiers who died, so that next time a war is called - a professional army whatever - we don't all just run to the television set, grab the popcorn, say the patriotic "Goody," listen to the gather of fables and start thinking we're better than everyone else. If the dead soldiers could talk, they'd ask us to remember why they died and whether it was worth their while. Lying to them is not good practice.


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