An English In Kentucky


















 Thursday November 12th 2015.Tim Candler9


      Probably a more vital issue in my own small world, is the relationship between Language, Ambition, the Medieval Period and Insanity. A potent and extraordinarily diverse mix of themes you might agree. But we writers of pulp do enjoy the puzzle, and this one's got Sabean written all over it. Sometimes too a journey to the puzzle's solution is less of a coiled spring and more like a bursting water balloon. Then there's the nightmare of editing.


     Of the many problems in the cave of my own day to day is the word "Ironic." The English, on the island off the coast of Europe, have a tendency to use the word as a description of their own mastery of meaning in words. "An ironic knock on the door." Fortunately for, language, ambition the medieval period and insanity there's a better shorthand for these four themes than "Ironic." It's to be found in the word "Pedant." A template, if you'd prefer, into which things have to fit, otherwise the world just has to sit in the corner until it behaves.


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