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 Saturday November 14th 2015.Tim Candler9


      #hashtags are maybe beyond my capacity to grasp. Now if they were something like an electronic meme it would be so much easier for me. I could say with the pompous head high that I am more like my angel and I prefer not to be engaged in memes, no desire to contribute to them, or be infected by them. A very frail "hope" on my part. Mind you, if you're a person as callous and cynical as my angel, then there's a splendid opportunity to watch memes or perhaps #hashtags in action.


     A nation state has again declared an "Act of War." A rally cry to the visceral. I believe a child as young as twelve was killed. Britain's odious prime minister is preparing his nation for British casualties. An American rock band was playing. It was Friday, a great many people enjoying their evening. Germany and France were playing a friendly game of soccer, which could be of interest to the ancient historian. It's a sadness, a waste. And I suspect the response will be a familiar series of #hashtags. My own would be attributed to Norman Rich #PeaceIsLearnedNotTaught.


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