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 Monday November 16th 2015.Tim Candler9


      "Too late for words, words have become an army." Think it's a Serbian phrase. Kosovo is a big word for the Serbs. In something like 1389 the battle was lost to the Ottoman, and it still irks the Serbian Nationalist. Mind you not far away from Kosovo, in the town of Sarajevo, in the year 1914 a single event burst the tensions in the European world, a Duke was killed by Serbian nationalists, the Black Hand they were called, 'Unification or Death' their motto, and it was indeed too late for words.


     Then they look at you and say "Peace." There's a scowl of contempt, the drums roll, the fifes and the scurry of little boys. Flags fly with a new meaning, old men tremble, widows remember. Who has control of this. The media sees its opportunity, the Political Class wary of the opposition have to come out as big tough and strong, or risk losing an election. And far, far too often the Serbs are right. It's too late for words, and there's a picture of Chamberlain, the Conservative Prime Minister of England with his piece of paper.

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