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 Tuesday November 17th 2015.Tim Candler9


      Very difficult to concentrate upon the causes of Sainthood in the Afon-Bedd Tri County Asylum with these constant interruptions from current affairs. Call him self centered if you have to, but your correspondent has to stop absorbing himself in the Balkan machinations around the year 1914. It's an area that has been well studied by better minds than his, and helpful to be able to pronounce the names of the characters involved, which is something way beyond your correspondent's capacity. Nedeljko Cabrinovic give it a go.


     Nedeljko was a minor. Too young to execute. He was sentenced to twenty years in prison for his role in the assassination of Duke Ferdinand. He died in prison in 1916 of tuberculosis. And this is what Nedeljko thought about his participation in the causes of the First World War; "We are not criminals. We are honest people, animated by noble sentiments, we are idealists, we wanted to do good, we have loved our people, and we shall die for our ideals." The point about Afon-Bedd is that this sort mumbo-jumbo never comes up, so current affairs don't offer much inspiration to this writer of pulp.

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