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 Sunday November 1st 2015 Tim Candler9


      In the month of October your correspondent might have mentioned the word "Saint" more times than was actually useful. Indeed in the last four or five years your correspondent might have mentioned the word "Saint" several thousand times on these pages. And if there is a point, or perhaps more correctly, if anyone is interested in the point, it has to do with what they call a "theme" in The Rabbit of Usk. If I were to give the theme a name it would be "Duality as Necessary to Living Things." In my view a Saint is the ultimate expression of this "duality." True "ultimate" might sound a little dramatic. Which is why our unfortunate hero is now in a Tri County Lunatic Asylum where this theme expresses itself in a more raw and naked form. Bitter experience, if you happen to be curious.

    The passionate reader, once he or she has recovered from this shocking news, might wish to know how on earth Timotei Candlemass went from being a Letlander and a stalwart of the Hotel and Catering industry to a nut house. The long term answer has to do with his grandfather's obsessions but in the meanwhile an account of our hero's engagement in Hotel and Catering is pretty much finished. It's yet another incredibly ripping yarn, there could well be the odd interesting spelling, but I will say with no attempt at modesty that The Letlander, is right up there with A Derailment. And before he returns to his argument with the Editor-in-Chief about definite and indefinite articles in Titles your writer of pulp would like to say November 7th, after he's cleaned his room, sounds like a good day to cast The Letlander adrift on a sea of happy electrons. And, memory being what it is, I really should make a note of that, on paper in a prominent location..



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