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 Friday November 20th 2015.Tim Candler9


      Bobby Jindal has suspended his campaign. "Suspended" means the candidate can continue to raise money to pay off his debts, but he's not actually playing anymore unless some kind of miracle happens. Jindal is big on reducing the size of government, he reckons that very little government is required to manage the interests of three hundred twenty odd million people. Just let everybody get on with it and a more perfect union will obviously be achieved. It's the old story about government being inefficient and wasteful, so let's get rid of it, so much easier than trying to work out how to improve it. Which seems to be a recent interpretation of the Christian message and/or small business.


     During his career Jindal spent a great deal of time on Health. Not sure the extent to which his concerns were with Public Health, rather he was more interested in reducing the role the State played in Health. In his first term as governor of Louisiana he appointed the body guard of the Louisiana State Football team coach to lead Louisiana State Police. The body guard's name was Edmonson. Jindal then passed what he thought was a state law which provided for better than average benefits for State Police. Later he was persuaded to repeal the law when it was revealed that the only person who benefitted from the law was Edmonson and his side kick. Tricky business politics.

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